Yorkville Toronto LUXURY Condo Buildings With The Largest Units Victoria Boscariol Chestnut Park Real EstateIt seems every condo building in Toronto claims to be luxury.  A common offering for a large suite in these buildings is predominately the 2 bedroom plus den floor plan which is usually under 3,000 square feet.  Typically the building has lots of smaller units on lower floors with the top two floors of the building reserved for the bigger units that occupy a half or the full floor.  That means many condo buildings in Toronto only have two or may be even three larger units on the penthouse level.

For Ultra High Net Worth International Buyers searching for mega-sized luxury condos in Toronto the expectations are high.  As global real estate experts, they own multiple luxury properties around the world that are typically showcased in Christie’s International Real Estate and Juwai Luxury Properties.

Yorkville has the greatest concentration luxury condo buildings of any neighbourhood in Toronto.  While many Toronto condos may have the sizzle of a fancy lobby, the luxury condos in Yorkville are in true luxury condo buildings with valet parking for residents and guests, private elevators to suites, professional concierges with doormen and security 24/7 as well as full-time on-site property management.  They also have plenty of maintenance, landscaping and cleaning staff to keep the interior and exterior of the building looking pristine and to help residents with anything from bringing up groceries to their unit to fixing a leaky faucet.

One defining factor that sets these luxury condo buildings apart is that they are built on generous footprints. Set back from busy streets, these buildings are easily accessed by circular drives and landscaped courtyards that lead to a generous porte cochere and entrance.  Also its the small details that count in these luxury buildings like the fresh flower arrangements in the lobby.

Beyond the obvious luxury amenities, these condos offer the ultra wealthy exclusivity in more homogenous buildings where all suites are larger in size (not just the ones on the top floor).  Also, all suites have a high level of luxury finishes as standard with floor plans that are well thought out featuring generous room sizes and extensive outdoor spaces.

Here are the true luxury condo buildings in Yorkville with the highest concentration of larger suites:

Top 10 LUXURY Condo Buildings In Yorkville With Larger 3 & 4 Bedroom Units Toronto

The Four Seasons Private Residences 50 Yorkville Ave 

101 Units With 23 Suites Over 3,000 Sq Ft

Located above the Four Seasons Hotel, the larger ultra-luxury units start on the 40th floor and go to the 54th floor. Floor 55 is the top floor and houses the full floor penthouse of 9,038 square feet. Standard floor plans for the three and four bedroom units at 50 Yorkville are 3,422 square feet, 3,914 square feet and 4955 sq ft.
Four Seasons Luxury Condos Toronto 50 Yorkville Ave 3 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms Units
THE ONE 1 Bloor St West

Currently under construction, when 1 Bloor St West is finished it will be the tallest condo building in Canada with 91 storeys.  The One offers several different large luxury suite options starting around the 75th floor.  The three bedroom floor plan of 4,379 square feet occupies half of a floor and there are four bedroom suites of 6,137 square feet also available. The 5 bedroom penthouse is a full floor suite of 8,752 square feet and the most expensive luxury condo currently for sale in Toronto.
The One 1 Bloor St West Toronto Yorkville Luxury Condos 3 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms
38 Avenue Rd The Prince Arthur Condos

152 Units With 22 Suites Over 3,000 Sq Ft

The 3 and 4 bedroom units are dispersed through-out the 6 storey courtyard building and 27 story tower building with the largest unit being 4,465 square feet and occupying the entire 24th floor.
38 Avenue Rd Toronto Yorkville Luxury Condos 3 And 4 Bedroom Units
22 St Thomas St The Windsor Arms

24 Units With 16 Suites Over 3,000 Sq Ft

Suites are located above the 4 storey Windsor Arms Hotel and feature standard floor plans of 3,320 and 3,800 square feet.  The top floor features 2 half floor penthouses of 4,760 square feet each.  The largest unit in the building is the 4 bedroom floor plan of 6,640 square feet on the 16th floor.
Windsor Arms Luxury Condos Toronto 4 Bedroom Suites Yorkville
1 St. Thomas St

77 Units With 14 Suites Over 3,900 Sq Ft

These larger luxury units start on the 17th floor at 3,976 square feet and go up to the full floor penthouse of 7,877 square feet on the 29th floor. Each floor plan for these 3 and 4 bedroom units is one of a kind and unique to the building.  
1 St Thomas Street Toronto Luxury Condos Larger Units 4 Bedrooms Yorkville
155 Cumberland St

Truly boutique and unique, this ultra-luxury condo building only has 15 units in total with 13 of them over 3,700 sq ft.  The largest penthouse in the building is 10,200 square feet on 2 levels plus 5,000 sq ft of outdoor terraces.
155 Cumberland St Toronto Ultra Luxury Larger Condos Yorkville 4 Bedrooms
118 Yorkville The Hazelton Hotel & Private Residences

16 Units With 13 Suites Over 3,000 Sq Ft

This mid-rise luxury condo is only nine storeys with 3 and 4 bedroom units starting on the 5th floor above the luxury hotel.  Floor plans for these larger suites range in size from 3,363 square feet all the way up to the top floor, full floor penthouse of 8,100 square feet with 5,000 sq ft of wrap-around terraces.
The Hazlelton Private Residences 118 Yorkville Ave Toronto Ultra Luxury Condos
68 Yorkville Ave The Regency Condos

60 Units With 11 Suites Over 3,000 Sq Ft

The larger 3 and 4 bedrooms units are dispersed through-out the 17 storey condo building with the largest unit being a full floor penthouse of 5,995 square feet.
68 Yorkville Ave Toronto Luxury Larger Condos 3 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms
200 Cumberland St Yorkville Private Estates

48 Units With 10 Suites Over 3,000 Sq Ft

The 3 and 4 bedroom units start on the 35th floor at 3,340 square feet occupying a half floor.  Each floor plan is unique and one of a kind.  The largest unit in the building is 8,195 square feet on level 36 and occupies the full floor. The top floor penthouse of 7,740 square feet features 5 bedrooms plus an outdoor terrace.
200 Cumberland St Toronto Ultra Luxury Larger Condos Yorkville Three Bedrooms
10 Bellair St

133 Units With 10 Suites Over 3,000 Sq Ft

The largest unit in this Tridel built condo building is 6,030 square feet located on the 6th floor.  However the biggest 3 and 4 bedroom suites are found on the top four floors of this 26 storey building with two units per floor.
10 Bellair St Toronto Larger Luxury Condos Yorkville 3 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms
80 Yorkville & 100 Yorkville Ave

93 Units With 6 Units Over 3,000 Sq Ft

The top three floors of 80 Yorkville Ave feature the 3 and 4 bedroom units. The 16th storey houses the full floor, top floor penthouse of over 5,600 square feet with 2,200 square feet of outdoor terraced living space.  100 Yorkville, a mid-rise condo building of 8 storeys features just one larger unit of 3,745 square feet on the top floor. 
80 Yorkville Ave Toronto Luxury Condos Larger Units 3 & 4 Bedroom Suites

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