Yorkville Condo Sales Stats Summary

Average Sold Price/Sq Ft $1,427
Average Selling Price $1,553,457
Total Number Of Units Sold 138
Average Number Of Days On Market 25

Yorkville LUXURY Condo Sales Over $2.5M
Number Of Luxury Condo Unit Sales 21
Highest Sold Price/Sq Ft Paid For A Yorkville Condo:
$3,105 At 1 Bloor St West
Highest Price Paid For A Yorkville Condo:
$7,800,000 At 1 St Thomas 


Yorkville Condo Market Unit Sales Statistics By Quarter

Yorkville Condo Sales By Quarter2021 4th Q2021 3rd Q2021 2nd Q2020 1st Q2020 4th Q
Average Sold Price/Sq Ft$1,427$1,388$1,355$1,260$1,243
Average Sold Price$1,553,457$1,424,167$1,252,712$1,156,767$1,046,937
Number Of Units Sold13812110010984
Average Days On Market2533263535

Yorkville Condo Unit Sales Historical Sold Data By Building Address 2021 FOURTH Q

Building Address
Sold Price

Sold Date
Square Feet
1 Bloor St East$862,00012-31-2021Condo Apt1 1EOpen0530
1 Bloor St East$1,105,00012-30-2021Condo Apt112NOpen1744
200 Cumberland St$1,917,00012-29-2021Condo Apt1 2SOpen11000
1 Bloor St East$1,080,00012-28-2021Condo Apt112WOpen1719
35 Balmuto St$709,00012-27-2021Condo Apt112NeOpen0828
170 Avenue Rd$2,675,00012-23-2021Condo Apt213SeOpen21974
188 Cumberland St$745,00012-22-2021Condo Apt1 1NeNone0505
825 Church St$780,00012-21-2021Condo Apt111NeOpen1742
1 Yorkville Ave$1,242,00012-20-2021Condo Apt3 2NwOpen1797
21 Balmuto St$940,00012-18-2021Condo Apt2 2NeOpen1644
32 Davenport Rd$1,540,00012-17-2021Townhouse213EOpen21238
1 Bedford Rd$2,850,00012-17-2021Condo Apt2 3WOpen21682
155 Yorkville Ave$584,00012-16-2021Condo Apt1 1ENone0405
825 Church St$1,095,00012-16-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen0879
155 Yorkville Ave$580,00012-15-2021Condo Apt1 1WTerr0425
170 Avenue Rd$725,10712-15-2021Condo Apt1 1EOpen1557
200 Bloor St West$1,050,00012-15-2021Condo Apt112NeOpen1787
1121 Bay St$1,060,00012-15-2021Condo Apt2 2NwNone11110
18 Yorkville Ave$1,715,00012-15-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen21242
77 Mcmurrich St$1,975,00012-15-2021Condo Apt213STerr11545
128 Pears Ave$790,00012-14-2021Condo Apt1 1NOpen0690
1 Bloor St West$3,992,74412-10-2021Condo Apt212SwNone01502
1 St Thomas St$5,125,00012-09-2021Condo Apt2 3SwOpen22928
65 St Mary St$1,480,00012-08-2021Condo Apt2 2NwOpen1892
68 Yorkville Ave$6,025,00012-08-2021Condo Apt3 4NwTerr33750
170 Avenue Rd$803,00012-07-2021Condo Apt1 1NJlte1605
188 Cumberland St$742,50012-07-2021Condo Apt111ENone0505
1080 Bay St$1,032,00012-06-2021Condo Apt111SOpen1611
1 Bloor St West$7,662,59312-06-2021Condo Apt313SwNone02468
1080 Bay St$555,00012-05-2021Condo Apt0 1WOpen0325
35 Balmuto St$905,00012-05-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1853
155 Yorkville Ave$850,00012-04-2021Condo Apt2 2SNone0750
35 Balmuto St$796,86812-03-2021Condo Apt2 2EOpen1712
1 Bloor St East$1,208,00012-03-2021Condo Apt2 2WOpen1829
825 Church St$770,00012-02-2021Condo Apt111SOpen1643
18 Yorkville Ave$1,175,00012-02-2021Condo Apt2 2NwOpen1803
32 Davenport Rd$1,050,00012-02-2021Condo Apt2 2SeOpen1825
35 Balmuto St$1,400,00012-02-2021Condo Apt213NwOpen11316
8 Scollard St$749,00012-01-2021Condo Apt112SeOpen1734
825 Church St$830,00011-30-2021Condo Apt111NeOpen0682
35 Balmuto St$742,00011-29-2021Condo Apt112NeOpen0828
825 Church St$977,00011-28-2021Condo Apt2 2NeOpen1903
35 Balmuto St$952,00011-26-2021Condo Apt2 2SeOpen1952
1 Yorkville Ave$721,00011-25-2021Condo Apt1 1SwOpen0475
170 Avenue Rd$1,400,00011-25-2021Condo Apt2 2NOpen1953
1 Bloor St East$1,888,00011-25-2021Condo Apt213SOpen11052
1166 Bay St$2,600,00011-25-2021Condo Apt2 2WNone22194
110 Bloor St West$2,155,42511-25-2021Condo Apt2 2NNone11950
1 St Thomas St$7,800,00011-23-2021Condo Apt2 3STerr23681
38 Avenue Rd$2,050,00011-22-2021Condo Apt112EwOpen11660
1 Yorkville Ave$963,00011-19-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen0688
77 Avenue Rd$2,900,00011-19-2021Condo Apt223SwNone22775
1 Yorkville Ave$1,075,00011-16-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1688
1 Yorkville Ave$1,018,00011-14-2021Condo Apt2 2NeOpen0688
40 Scollard St$630,00011-13-2021Condo Apt111SNone0645
1 Bloor St East$1,490,00011-13-2021Condo Apt2 3NeOpen11046
155 Yorkville Ave$560,00011-12-2021Condo Apt1 1SwNone0405
88 Cumberland St$1,340,00011-12-2021Condo Apt2 2SwTerr1875
80 Yorkville Ave$1,461,50011-10-2021Condo Apt1 1WOpen1795
133 Hazelton Ave$3,000,00011-10-2021Condo Apt2 3SeTerr21464
188 Cumberland St$725,00011-09-2021Condo Apt111WNone0505
15 Mcmurrich St$1,175,00011-09-2021Condo Apt2 2SwNone11333
1 Bloor St East$2,518,00011-09-2021Condo Apt213SwOpen21424
825 Church St$1,654,90011-08-2021Townhouse313STerr11461
50 Yorkville Ave$6,250,00011-08-2021Condo Apt213SeOpen22466
200 Bloor St West$710,00011-07-2021Condo Apt1 1NOpen0538
1 Yorkville Ave$1,025,00011-07-2021Condo Apt2 2SeOpen1688
825 Church St$750,00011-06-2021Condo Apt111SOpen0652
32 Davenport Rd$860,00011-06-2021Condo Apt111NwOpen0715
68 Yorkville Ave$1,675,00011-06-2021Condo Apt2 2EOpen21214
155 Yorkville Ave$585,00011-05-2021Condo Apt1 1SNone0440
170 Avenue Rd$1,089,00011-05-2021Condo Apt2 2NwOpen1864
188 Cumberland St$1,267,18011-04-2021Condo Apt212SwJlte1840
188 Cumberland St$1,275,00011-04-2021Condo Apt212SwJlte1840
32 Davenport Rd$1,758,00011-04-2021Condo Apt212EOpen21361
40 Scollard St$630,00011-03-2021Condo Apt1 1SNone0645
1 Bloor St East$1,635,00011-03-2021Condo Apt2 3SwOpen11052
102 Bloor St West$835,00011-02-2021Condo Apt1 1NNone1864
155 Yorkville Ave$840,00011-02-2021Condo Apt2 2SNone0750
170 Avenue Rd$1,685,00011-01-2021Condo Apt2 3SeOpen11336
206 Bloor St West$4,975,00011-01-2021Condo Apt3 3STerr22540
55 Scollard St$2,300,00010-29-2021Condo Apt2 2SwTerr21265
1 Bedford Rd$3,250,00010-28-2021Condo Apt2 3SwOpen11521
200 Bloor St West$938,00010-27-2021Condo Apt112NOpen0702
1 Bloor St East$1,270,00010-27-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1829
1 Bedford Rd$3,000,00010-27-2021Condo Apt213NeOpen11664
65 St Mary St$3,625,00010-27-2021Townhouse3 4NsTerr23228
1 Bloor St East$1,370,00010-26-2021Condo Apt2 2SeOpen1792
68 Yorkville Ave$900,00010-25-2021Condo Apt1 1NOpen1521
18 Yorkville Ave$1,025,00010-25-2021Condo Apt112EOpen1713
8 Scollard St$800,00010-22-2021Condo Apt112SJlte1700
18 Yorkville Ave$875,00010-22-2021Condo Apt111EOpen1701
980 Yonge St$980,00010-22-2021Condo Apt2 2SeOpen11135
825 Church St$1,589,90010-22-2021Townhouse213NeTerr11386
155 Yorkville Ave$613,00010-21-2021Condo Apt111NNone0500
65 St Mary St$1,460,00010-21-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1892
68 Yorkville Ave$2,050,00010-21-2021Condo Apt212SeTerr21447
825 Church St$905,00010-20-2021Condo Apt2 2WOpen1777
1 Yorkville Ave$1,270,00010-20-2021Condo Apt3 2NwOpen1797
32 Davenport Rd$894,50010-19-2021Condo Apt111NwOpen0715
1 Bloor St East$1,068,00010-19-2021Condo Apt112WOpen1719
80 Cumberland St$1,185,00010-19-2021Condo Apt2 3NwOpen1966
15 Mcmurrich St$1,248,00010-19-2021Condo Apt212NwOpen11619
32 Davenport Rd$2,362,00010-19-2021Condo Apt314ENone22400
8 Scollard St$525,00010-18-2021Condo Apt0 1NOpen1497
1 Yorkville Ave$935,00010-17-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen0688
155 Yorkville Ave$702,00010-15-2021Condo Apt111SeNone0580
88 Cumberland St$1,300,00010-15-2021Condo Apt2 2SOpen1795
4 Lowther Ave$2,022,00010-15-2021Condo Apt112ENone11695
155 Yorkville Ave$579,00010-14-2021Condo Apt1 1SNone0540
1 Bedford Rd$900,00010-14-2021Condo Apt1 1NOpen1597
170 Avenue Rd$990,00010-13-2021Condo Apt2 2SOpen1840
1121 Bay St$632,00010-12-2021Condo Apt2 1SeNone0645
88 Cumberland St$857,00010-12-2021Condo Apt111SOpen0612
155 Yorkville Ave$675,00010-11-2021Condo Apt111NwNone0580
38 Avenue Rd$1,500,00010-11-2021Condo Apt112EJlte11170
77 Avenue Rd$1,650,00010-09-2021Condo Apt213SeOpen11895
155 Yorkville Ave$545,00010-08-2021Condo Apt1 1SwNone0405
155 Yorkville Ave$570,00010-08-2021Condo Apt1 1SNone0440
55 Prince Arthur Ave$3,500,00010-08-2021Townhouse213NTerr22749
65 St Mary St$3,820,00010-08-2021Townhouse3 4SeTerr22968
40 Scollard St$703,00010-07-2021Condo Apt111NNone1645
1 Bloor St East$928,00010-07-2021Condo Apt2 2WOpen0806
3 Mcalpine St$1,400,00010-07-2021Condo Apt2 3NeTerr22256
38 Avenue Rd$3,150,00010-07-2021Condo Apt213EwOpen22090
1 Bloor St East$1,030,00010-06-2021Condo Apt112NOpen0744
1121 Bay St$899,00010-05-2021Condo Apt2 2EOpen1955
1 Bloor St East$910,00010-05-2021Condo Apt111SOpen0607
35 Balmuto St$1,552,40010-05-2021Condo Apt3 2SwOpen11316
10 Bellair St$1,810,00010-05-2021Condo Apt212SOpen11504
825 Church St$708,50010-04-2021Condo Apt111SOpen0660
1 Yorkville Ave$939,90010-03-2021Condo Apt112NeOpen0688
1 Bloor St East$1,380,00010-03-2021Condo Apt212WOpen1899
1 Bedford Rd$4,550,00010-02-2021Condo Apt213SeOpen22091
8 Scollard St$510,00010-01-2021Condo Apt011WTerr0485
1080 Bay St$890,00010-01-2021Condo Apt1 1NwTerr0512
1 Yorkville Ave$950,00010-01-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen0688
77 Charles St West$2,575,00010-01-2021Condo Apt2 2NwTerr21569

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