2021 THIRD Q
Yorkville Condo Sales Stats Summary

Average Sold Price/Sq Ft $1,388
Average Selling Price $1,424,167
Total Number Of Units Sold 121
Average Number Of Days On Market 33

Yorkville LUXURY Condo Sales Over $2.5M
Number Of Luxury Condo Unit Sales 15
Highest Sold Price/Sq Ft Paid For A Yorkville Condo:
$2,524 At The Four Seasons 50 Yorkville Ave
Highest Price Paid For A Yorkville Condo:
$10.85M Penthouse At 155 Cumberland St 



Yorkville Condo Market Unit Sales Statistics By Quarter

Yorkville Condo Sales By Quarter2021 3rd Q2021 2nd Q2021 1st Q2020 4th Q2020 3rd Q
Average Sold Price/Sq Ft$1,388$1,355$1,260$1,243$1,402
Average Sold Price$1,424,167$1,252,712$1,156,767$1,046,937$1,736,068
Number Of Units Sold1211001098450
Average Days On Market3326353524

Yorkville Condo Unit Sales Historical Sold Data By Building Address 2021 THIRD Q

Building AddressMLS Listing

Sold Price
Sold DateTypeBedroomsDenBathsExposureBalconyParkingSquare Feet
1 Bloor St East$910,00009-30-2021Condo Apt111NOpen0612
88 Davenport Rd$3,200,00009-30-2021Condo Apt213NeOpen21949
155 Yorkville Ave$551,00009-29-2021Condo Apt1 1NNone0405
155 Yorkville Ave$682,00009-28-2021Condo Apt111NwNone0610
1 Bedford Rd$1,280,00009-28-2021Condo Apt2 2NOpen1849
170 Avenue Rd$770,00009-27-2021Condo Apt1 1NJlte0605
1 Bloor St East$1,850,00009-27-2021Condo Apt212EOpen21065
110 Bloor St West$962,50009-25-2021Condo Apt111SNone11100
88 Cumberland St$715,00009-24-2021Condo Apt1 1ETerr0441
35 Balmuto St$850,00009-24-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1853
1 Yorkville Ave$865,00009-24-2021Condo Apt111WOpen0577
825 Church St$895,00009-24-2021Condo Apt2 2SwTerr1910
825 Church St$725,00009-23-2021Condo Apt111NeOpen0682
155 Yorkville Ave$485,00009-22-2021Condo Apt0 1SwNone0370
55 Prince Arthur Ave$3,430,00009-22-2021Condo Apt3 4SeOpen22575
155 Yorkville Ave$575,00009-21-2021Condo Apt1 1SwNone0405
102 Bloor St West$670,00009-21-2021Condo Apt1 1EOpen0680
170 Avenue Rd$1,340,00009-21-2021Condo Apt2 2SOpen11020
32 Davenport Rd$1,115,00009-20-2021Condo Apt2 2EOpen1931
38 Avenue Rd$6,880,00009-20-2021Condo Apt314NTerr43559
188 Cumberland St$688,00009-19-2021Condo Apt1 1SNone0405
188 Cumberland St$800,00009-17-2021Condo Apt111SNone0555
200 Bloor St West$1,410,00009-17-2021Condo Apt2 2NwOpen1886
38 Avenue Rd$3,090,00009-17-2021Condo Apt213NwTerr22280
55 Scollard St$3,932,50009-17-2021Condo Apt213SeTerr21815
8 Scollard St$675,00009-16-2021Condo Apt111NeOpen0630
825 Church St$971,00009-16-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1879
170 Avenue Rd$1,220,00009-16-2021Condo Apt1 2NOpen1953
1 Yorkville Ave$1,160,00009-13-2021Condo Apt2 2SeOpen1688
55A Avenue Rd$1,750,00009-13-2021Condo Apt2 2WTerr21660
35 Balmuto St$765,00009-12-2021Condo Apt111WOpen0715
155 Yorkville Ave$790,00009-12-2021Condo Apt2 2SwNone0750
200 Bloor St West$1,040,20009-12-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1952
80 Cumberland St$1,075,00009-12-2021Condo Apt2 2SeTerr11019
88 Cumberland St$1,550,00009-12-2021Condo Apt2 3SwOpen01055
181 Davenport Rd$930,00009-11-2021Condo Apt111NOpen1624
825 Church St$704,90009-10-2021Condo Apt1 1SOpen0704
825 Church St$704,90009-10-2021Condo Apt1 1SOpen0704
1 Bloor St East$1,569,00009-09-2021Condo Apt2 2NwOpen11038
1 Bloor St East$1,252,00009-08-2021Condo Apt2 2WOpen1829
80 Cumberland St$1,300,00009-08-2021Condo Apt2 3SEncl11092
200 Bloor St West$1,410,00009-07-2021Condo Apt2 2SwTerr1912
155 Yorkville Ave$1,300,10009-06-2021Condo Apt2 2SwNone11015
32 Davenport Rd$980,00009-05-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1825
1 Yorkville Ave$950,00009-04-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen0688
55 Prince Arthur Ave$1,875,00009-04-2021Condo Apt213NeNone22073
10 Bellair St$2,875,00009-04-2021Condo Apt3 3NeOpen22249
1 Bloor St West$3,450,00009-04-2021Condo Apt212SwNone01495
155 Yorkville Ave$550,00009-03-2021Condo Apt1 1SNone0440
1 Bedford Rd$838,00009-03-2021Condo Apt111WOpen1631
155 Yorkville Ave$545,00009-02-2021Condo Apt1 1WNone0405
155 Yorkville Ave$545,00009-02-2021Condo Apt1 1SwNone0405
40 Scollard St$685,00009-01-2021Condo Apt111SNone1645
200 Bloor St West$740,00009-01-2021Condo Apt111NOpen0506
155 Yorkville Ave$490,00008-31-2021Condo Apt0 1NNone0370
18 Yorkville Ave$1,600,00008-31-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen11242
1 Yorkville Ave$683,00008-29-2021Condo Apt1 1NOpen0451
1 Bloor St East$878,00008-28-2021Condo Apt1 1EOpen0530
80 Yorkville Ave$1,355,00008-28-2021Condo Apt1 1EOpen1732
40 Scollard St$630,00008-26-2021Condo Apt1 1SNone0645
1 Yorkville Ave$1,150,00008-26-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1688
32 Davenport Rd$970,00008-24-2021Condo Apt2 2EOpen1801
35 Balmuto St$880,00008-23-2021Condo Apt212SOpen1905
170 Avenue Rd$4,550,00008-23-2021Condo Apt314SeTerr22745
18 Yorkville Ave$753,00008-22-2021Condo Apt111WOpen1622
3 Mcalpine St$1,200,00008-20-2021Condo Apt2 3NOpen11431
15 Mcmurrich St$1,293,00008-19-2021Condo Apt2 2ENone11523
1166 Bay St$1,960,00008-19-2021Condo Apt212SeNone12194
32 Davenport Rd$1,625,00008-18-2021Condo Apt212SeOpen21413
32 Davenport Rd$1,780,00008-16-2021Condo Apt212SeOpen21413
35 Balmuto St$836,00008-13-2021Condo Apt2 2NOpen1828
102 Bloor St West$720,00008-11-2021Condo Apt1 1NNone0680
200 Bloor St West$1,480,00008-09-2021Condo Apt2 2STerr1880
88 Cumberland St$742,00008-08-2021Condo Apt1 1WOpen0452
1 Bloor St East$1,041,00008-07-2021Condo Apt112NOpen0744
88 Davenport Rd$3,750,00008-06-2021Condo Apt2 3NwTerr22197
36 Hazelton Ave$3,900,00008-06-2021Condo Apt2 3ETerr22700
35 Balmuto St$775,00008-04-2021Condo Apt111WOpen0715
1 Bloor St East$1,595,00008-04-2021Condo Apt213SwOpen11052
55A Avenue Rd$1,388,00008-04-2021Condo Apt213ETerr11902
188 Cumberland St$641,00008-03-2021Condo Apt1 1NNone1385
825 Church St$805,00008-03-2021Condo Apt111SOpen1643
1 Yorkville Ave$1,480,00008-02-2021Condo Apt212EOpen11031
1 Yorkville Ave$808,00007-31-2021Condo Apt111NOpen0549
1 Yorkville Ave$860,00007-31-2021Condo Apt111EOpen0556
1 Bloor St East$1,228,00007-31-2021Condo Apt2 2WOpen1829
980 Yonge St$535,00007-30-2021Condo Apt1 1SOpen0715
155 Yorkville Ave$795,00007-30-2021Condo Apt2 2SNone0750
200 Bloor St West$1,015,00007-30-2021Condo Apt111SOpen1698
99 Avenue Rd$890,00007-29-2021Condo Apt112WOpen1714
155 Yorkville Ave$885,00007-29-2021Condo Apt2 2NNone1750
32 Davenport Rd$920,00007-29-2021Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1825
40 Scollard St$525,00007-27-2021Condo Apt1 1SNone1645
15 Mcmurrich St$1,210,00007-27-2021Condo Apt2 2NeOpen11620
155 Yorkville Ave$650,00007-26-2021Condo Apt111NNone0550
155 Yorkville Ave$543,00007-24-2021Condo Apt1 1WNone0405
1 Bloor St East$1,205,00007-23-2021Condo Apt2 2WOpen1829
32 Davenport Rd$1,005,00007-22-2021Condo Apt2 2ETerr1766
1166 Bay St$1,750,00007-22-2021Condo Apt2 2EwNone12005
155 Yorkville Ave$490,00007-21-2021Condo Apt0 1NNone0370
1 Bedford Rd$875,00007-21-2021Condo Apt1 1NTerr1658
188 Cumberland St$739,00007-20-2021Condo Apt111WNone0505
21 Scollard St$1,145,00007-18-2021Condo Apt2 2NeOpen21068
155 Yorkville Ave$645,00007-17-2021Condo Apt111NNone0500
155 Yorkville Ave$525,00007-16-2021Condo Apt1 1ENone0405
80 Yorkville Ave$1,418,00007-15-2021Condo Apt1 1WOpen1795
55 Scollard St$2,625,00007-13-2021Condo Apt2 3NwOpen11578
50 Yorkville Ave$4,280,00007-12-2021Condo Apt2 3NeOpen21956
50 Yorkville Ave$6,225,00007-12-2021Condo Apt213SeOpen22466
35 Balmuto St$600,08807-09-2021Condo Apt1 1NOpen0495
21 Balmuto St$838,00007-09-2021Condo Apt2 2NeTerr1760
18 Yorkville Ave$2,700,00007-08-2021Condo Apt213SeOpen21969
88 Cumberland St$738,00007-07-2021Condo Apt1 1WOpen0473
980 Yonge St$640,00007-06-2021Condo Apt111WNone1780
35 Balmuto St$877,00007-06-2021Condo Apt2 2SwNone1853
77 Mcmurrich St$1,500,00007-05-2021Condo Apt212SwTerr21312
155 Cumberland St$10,850,00007-04-2021Condo Apt213NTerr24728
21 Scollard St$689,00007-03-2021Condo Apt111SOpen0623
10 Bellair St$2,135,00007-02-2021Condo Apt213NwOpen21783
1 Bedford Rd$2,600,00007-02-2021Condo Apt2 2NeTerr21662
32 Davenport Rd$545,00007-01-2021Condo Apt0 1SOpen0579

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