2020 Yorkville Condo Sales Stats Summary
Average Sold Price/Sq Ft $1,325
Average Selling Price $1,292,811
Total Number Of Units Sold 314
Average Number Of Days On Market 33

2020 Yorkville Luxury Condo Sales Over $2.5M
Number Of Luxury Condo Unit Sales 32
Condo Building With The Highest Average Sold Price/Sq Ft:
Four Seasons 50 Yorkville Avenue At $2,228/Sq Ft
Highest Sold Price/Sq Ft Paid For A Yorkville Condo:
$2,355 At 77 Charles St West
Highest Price Paid For A Yorkville Condo:
$9M For A Penthouse At 77 Charles St West


2020 Yorkville Condo Market Unit Sales Statistics By Quarter

2020 Yorkville Condo Sales By Quarter4th Q3rd Q2nd Q1st Q
Average Sold Price/Sq Ft$1,243$1,402$1,252$1,390
Average Sale Price$1,046,937$1,736,068$1,155,188$1,387,815
Number Of Units Sold845080100
Number Of Days On Market35243534

2020 Yorkville Condo Unit Sales Historical Sold Data By Building Address

Building AddressSold PriceSold DateTypeBedroomsDenBathsExposureBalconyParkingSquare Feet
155 Yorkville Ave$670,00012-31-2020Condo Apt111SeNone0580
65 St Mary St$828,88812-30-2020Condo Apt111WOpen0648
1121 Bay St$613,00012-28-2020Condo Apt2 1EOpen0640
175 Cumberland St$925,00012-23-2020Condo Apt1 1NNone11149
1 Bloor St East$860,00012-23-2020Condo Apt2 2NOpen0793
38 Avenue Rd$959,00012-22-2020Condo Apt1 1NwJlte1760
1080 Bay St$650,00012-21-2020Condo Apt1 1EOpen0542
1 Yorkville Ave$700,00012-21-2020Condo Apt111NOpen0549
825 Church St$698,00012-20-2020Condo Apt111SOpen1643
18 Yorkville Ave$1,160,00012-18-2020Condo Apt2 2NeOpen1805
1080 Bay St$718,00012-18-2020Condo Apt1 1NwOpen1512
65 St Mary St$731,00012-18-2020Condo Apt111NOpen0592
1 Bloor St East$720,00012-17-2020Condo Apt1 1EOpen0535
1 Bloor St East$968,90012-17-2020Condo Apt2 2NeOpen1812
88 Cumberland St$1,365,00012-16-2020Condo Apt2 2SeOpen1904
1 Bedford Rd$1,175,00012-15-2020Condo Apt2 2NOpen1946
18 Yorkville Ave$679,50012-15-2020Condo Apt111WOpen0618
1121 Bay St$605,00012-15-2020Condo Apt2 1SeOpen1640
3 Mcalpine St$805,00012-15-2020Condo Apt2 2ENone1996
18 Yorkville Ave$940,00012-14-2020Condo Apt2 2SeOpen1732
1121 Bay St$560,00012-14-2020Condo Apt1 1EOpen1525
155 Yorkville Ave$520,00012-14-2020Condo Apt1 1ETerr0405
980 Yonge St$1,150,00012-10-2020Condo Apt2 2SeOpen11135
1 Bloor St East$870,00012-09-2020Condo Apt112WOpen0719
88 Cumberland St$1,510,00012-09-2020Condo Apt2 2NwOpen1905
155 Yorkville Ave$475,00012-09-2020Condo Apt0 1SNone0370
1 Yorkville Ave$735,00012-08-2020Condo Apt111NEncl0549
18 Yorkville Ave$544,50012-07-2020Condo Apt1 1SOpen0474
102 Bloor St West$592,00012-04-2020Condo Apt111NNone0680
155 Yorkville Ave$690,00012-02-2020Condo Apt111NwNone1610
32 Davenport Rd$855,00012-01-2020Condo Apt2 2EOpen1766
1080 Bay St$689,90011-28-2020Condo Apt1 1NwOpen1512
181 Davenport Rd$1,650,00011-28-2020Condo Apt212NTerr11227
32 Davenport Rd$570,00011-27-2020Condo Apt1 1EOpen0551
128 Pears Ave$819,00011-27-2020Condo Apt1 1NOpen1690
1121 Bay St$515,00011-25-2020Condo Apt1 1EOpen0525
8 Scollard St$645,00011-22-2020Condo Apt111NeOpen1723
188 Cumberland St$575,00011-22-2020Condo Apt1 1SNone0470
1 Yorkville Ave$620,00011-21-2020Condo Apt1 1NOpen0451
55 Scollard St$2,150,00011-18-2020Condo Apt2 2SwOpen11265
88 Cumberland St$785,00011-18-2020Condo Apt111SOpen0667
128 Pears Ave$1,624,00011-16-2020Condo Apt212NOpen11180
18 Yorkville Ave$2,685,00011-14-2020Condo Apt213SeOpen21969
32 Davenport Rd$402,00011-13-2020Condo Apt0 1WOpen0383
188 Cumberland St$520,00011-13-2020Condo Apt1 1SNone0405
1080 Bay St$1,008,00011-12-2020Condo Apt2 2NeOpen1896
188 Cumberland St$600,00011-11-2020Condo Apt1 1NeNone0505
99 Avenue Rd$780,00011-10-2020Condo Apt111WOpen1714
15 Mcmurrich St$892,00011-10-2020Condo Apt2 3SOpen11318
170 Avenue Rd$1,125,00011-10-2020Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1872
1 Bedford Rd$1,502,00011-09-2020Condo Apt2 2WOpen11050
32 Davenport Rd$880,00011-06-2020Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1825
18 Yorkville Ave$712,50011-06-2020Condo Apt112WOpen1713
1 Bloor St East$689,00011-06-2020Condo Apt1 1EOpen0535
188 Cumberland St$495,00011-06-2020Condo Apt1 1NNone0385
1080 Bay St$1,925,00011-05-2020Condo Apt212SeOpen21477
77 Mcmurrich St$785,00011-04-2020Condo Apt112SwOpen1806
88 Cumberland St$760,00011-02-2020Condo Apt111NOpen0667
88 Cumberland St$700,00011-02-2020Condo Apt1 1NOpen0569
188 Cumberland St$593,00011-01-2020Condo Apt1 1NeNone0505
1 Bedford Rd$850,00010-29-2020Condo Apt111WOpen1711
1 Bloor St East$995,00010-29-2020Condo Apt112SOpen0744
18 Yorkville Ave$667,00010-27-2020Condo Apt1 1NOpen1496
4 Lowther Ave$1,170,00010-23-2020Condo Apt1 1ENone11108
155 Yorkville Ave$499,00010-22-2020Condo Apt0 1STerr0370
825 Church St$932,50010-21-2020Condo Apt212EOpen1827
32 Davenport Rd$900,00010-20-2020Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1825
825 Church St$875,00010-20-2020Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1847
128 Pears Ave$3,200,00010-20-2020Condo Apt213NsOpen12088
1 Bedford Rd$1,450,00010-16-2020Condo Apt212SwTerr11051
1 St Thomas St$2,823,00010-14-2020Condo Apt2 3NeTerr11653
80 Cumberland St$1,290,00010-14-2020Condo Apt2 3SwTerr11164
1 Bloor St East$699,00010-13-2020Condo Apt111NOpen0607
1 Bloor St East$915,00010-13-2020Condo Apt112NOpen0744
155 Yorkville Ave$905,00010-13-2020Condo Apt2 2NNone1750
65 St Mary St$1,213,00010-11-2020Condo Apt2 2SeOpen1896
77 Mcmurrich St$2,375,00010-09-2020Condo Apt223SwTerr22238
38 Avenue Rd$900,00010-08-2020Condo Apt1 1NwJlte1755
80 Yorkville Ave$2,985,00010-08-2020Condo Apt2 2NeOpen21570
8 Sultan St$1,550,00010-06-2020Condo Apt2 2NwOpen11444
80 Cumberland St$2,175,00010-03-2020Condo Apt2 3NwOpen11557
40 Scollard St$599,99910-02-2020Condo Apt1 1SNone1645
3 Mcalpine St$740,00010-02-2020Condo Apt111NNone1748
1 St Thomas St$4,265,00010-01-2020Condo Apt213SeTerr22497
164 Cumberland Ave$1,510,00009-30-2020Condo Apt212SNone11539
1080 Bay St$641,00009-28-2020Condo Apt011SOpen0442
77 Charles St West$3,690,00009-25-2020Condo Apt2 3SeOpen21969
825 Church St$1,064,00009-23-2020Condo Apt212SeOpen1998
15 Mcmurrich St$869,90009-21-2020Condo Apt2 2ENone11523
170 Avenue Rd$670,00009-21-2020Condo Apt1 1WNone1486
170 Avenue Rd$7,000,00009-21-2020Condo Apt3 4SeTerr33007
38 Avenue Rd$5,595,00009-20-2020Condo Apt313WTerr22820
38 Avenue Rd$3,295,00009-19-2020Condo Apt213NwOpen22270
1 Bloor St East$1,485,00009-18-2020Condo Apt212SeOpen11033
8 Scollard St$523,00009-17-2020Condo Apt1 1NOpen0530
1166 Bay St$1,900,00009-17-2020Condo Apt212EwNone22005
175 Cumberland St$2,388,00009-16-2020Condo Apt2 2ENone11990
1121 Bay St$500,00009-16-2020Condo Apt1 1WOpen0495
206 Bloor St West$4,550,00009-16-2020Condo Apt3 3STerr22540
170 Avenue Rd$1,340,00009-11-2020Condo Apt2 2SOpen11001
1 Bloor St East$962,50009-11-2020Condo Apt112NOpen0744
88 Cumberland St$2,208,00009-11-2020Condo Apt2 2SeTerr21128
980 Yonge St$1,098,00009-10-2020Condo Apt2 2NeOpen01275
65 St Mary St$695,00009-09-2020Condo Apt1 1EOpen0542
188 Cumberland St$1,050,00009-07-2020Condo Apt212SwJlte0840
1166 Bay St$2,550,00009-06-2020Condo Apt3 2WNone22194
188 Cumberland St$1,080,00009-04-2020Condo Apt212SeJlte1855
50 Yorkville Ave$7,100,00009-02-2020Condo Apt213NwOpen22874
65 St Mary St$743,00009-02-2020Condo Apt1 1EOpen1542
155 Yorkville Ave$520,00009-02-2020Condo Apt1 1NeNone0405
1 Bloor St East$828,00008-27-2020Condo Apt111SOpen0607
181 Davenport Rd$1,675,00008-27-2020Condo Apt212NwTerr11247
80 Cumberland St$770,00008-25-2020Condo Apt112NOpen1839
175 Cumberland St$1,470,00008-22-2020Condo Apt1 2SNone11260
40 Scollard St$555,00008-19-2020Condo Apt121NEncl0645
3 Mcalpine St$1,100,00008-19-2020Condo Apt2 2EJlte11193
88 Cumberland St$1,297,00008-19-2020Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1875
181 Davenport Rd$939,00008-19-2020Condo Apt111NOpen1624
980 Yonge St$1,110,00008-18-2020Condo Apt2 2SeOpen11275
50 Yorkville Ave$4,150,00008-14-2020Condo Apt2 3NeOpen21956
1080 Bay St$528,00008-14-2020Condo Apt0 1WOpen0325
980 Yonge St$652,50008-13-2020Condo Apt1 1NwOpen0695
88 Cumberland St$975,00008-11-2020Condo Apt2 2NOpen0750
88 Cumberland St$720,00008-09-2020Condo Apt1 1WOpen0508
155 Yorkville Ave$860,00008-09-2020Condo Apt2 2NNone1750
1 Bedford Rd$937,50008-08-2020Condo Apt1 1WOpen1650
110 Bloor St West$2,245,00008-07-2020Condo Apt2 3NNone12570
77 Mcmurrich St$760,00008-07-2020Condo Apt111SOpen1732
65 St Mary St$1,875,00008-07-2020Condo Apt212SeOpen21477
825 Church St$1,050,00008-06-2020Condo Apt212SeOpen1998
38 Avenue Rd$2,340,00008-06-2020Condo Apt2 3SwOpen11595
77 Avenue Rd$3,050,00008-06-2020Condo Apt2 3WTerr22560
1121 Bay St$1,190,00008-04-2020Condo Apt3 2WOpen11020
8 Scollard St$699,00008-01-2020Condo Apt112SJlte1734
155 Yorkville Ave$655,00007-31-2020Condo Apt111NNone0550
8 Scollard St$530,00007-30-2020Condo Apt1 1NOpen0530
206 Bloor St West$2,200,00007-30-2020Condo Apt2 2NwOpen21605
99 Avenue Rd$910,00007-29-2020Condo Apt112WTerr1714
65 St. Mary St$697,00007-29-2020Condo Apt1 1NeOpen0512
88 Cumberland St$725,00007-29-2020Condo Apt1 1WOpen0542
88 Cumberland St$740,00007-29-2020Condo Apt111EOpen0564
8 Scollard St$660,00007-28-2020Condo Apt112SOpen1637
200 Bloor St West$710,00007-28-2020Condo Apt1 1NOpen0506
32 Davenport Rd$828,00007-27-2020Condo Apt111SOpen1782
1 Bloor St East$822,50007-27-2020Condo Apt111SOpen0612
155 Yorkville Ave$500,00007-26-2020Condo Apt0 1SwNone0370
1 Bedford Rd$1,350,00007-25-2020Condo Apt212STerr11051
1 Bedford Rd$1,395,00007-24-2020Condo Apt212WOpen11122
65 St Mary St$711,00007-23-2020Condo Apt1 1EOpen0542
32 Davenport Rd$476,00107-22-2020Condo Apt011WOpen0383
155 Yorkville Ave$5,500,00007-22-2020Condo Apt4 5NeTerr34580
175 Cumberland St$2,110,00007-19-2020Condo Apt2 3ENone01685
65 St Mary St$490,00007-16-2020Condo Apt0 1EOpen0325
825 Church St$774,00007-15-2020Condo Apt1 1NeOpen0682
1080 Bay St$827,00007-13-2020Condo Apt111WOpen0648
55 Scollard St$2,150,00007-10-2020Condo Apt2 2SwOpen11265
1 Bloor St East$789,99807-10-2020Condo Apt1 1EOpen0535
200 Bloor St West$1,265,00007-10-2020Condo Apt2 2SeOpen1912
1 Bloor St East$945,00007-09-2020Condo Apt212WOpen0928
1080 Bay St$634,00007-09-2020Condo Apt011WOpen0442
980 Yonge St$792,00007-08-2020Condo Apt1 1NTerr1760
181 Davenport Rd$930,00007-07-2020Condo Apt2 2NNone1790
99 Avenue Rd$793,00007-06-2020Condo Apt112WTerr1714
65 St Mary St$1,292,00007-06-2020Condo Apt2 2NwOpen1892
65 St Mary St$935,00007-05-2020Condo Apt111WOpen1648
1 Bloor St East$1,230,00007-03-2020Condo Apt212SwOpen1899
65 St Mary St$855,00007-03-2020Condo Apt111SOpen0611
3 Mcalpine St$3,000,00007-02-2020Condo Apt314SwTerr23610
40 Scollard St$705,00007-01-2020Condo Apt111SNone0645
175 Cumberland St$1,507,00006-29-2020Condo Apt2 2NeNone11694
155 Yorkville Ave$572,00006-25-2020Condo Apt1 1SNone0430
8 Scollard St$605,00006-24-2020Condo Apt111NOpen0630
1080 Bay St$740,00006-24-2020Condo Apt1 1EOpen0542
181 Davenport Rd$910,00006-24-2020Condo Apt111NNone1755
128 Pears Ave$2,700,00006-24-2020Condo Apt313SOpen11916
1 Bedford Rd$1,089,74306-23-2020Condo Apt2 2NOpen1849
1 Bloor St East$760,00006-23-2020Condo Apt1 1EOpen0535
128 Pears Ave$899,00006-23-2020Condo Apt111NOpen0713
32 Davenport Rd$577,50006-22-2020Condo Apt1 1EOpen0470
200 Bloor St West$850,00006-19-2020Condo Apt112NeOpen1791
155 Yorkville Ave$527,50006-18-2020Condo Apt0 1SNone0370
32 Davenport Rd$1,040,50006-17-2020Condo Apt212NeOpen1905
88 Cumberland St$1,100,00006-17-2020Condo Apt2 2WOpen0683
1 Bloor St East$1,080,00006-16-2020Condo Apt112SOpen1744
77 Avenue Rd$2,500,00006-12-2020Condo Apt213WTerr22775
77 Avenue Rd$1,555,00006-11-2020Condo Apt2 2EOpen21475
1121 Bay St$615,00006-11-2020Condo Apt111NOpen0590
32 Davenport Rd$881,00006-10-2020Condo Apt2 2EOpen1780
980 Yonge St$1,040,00006-09-2020Condo Apt2 2SwOpen11039
200 Bloor St West$1,375,00006-09-2020Condo Apt212SOpen1856
128 Pears Ave$3,500,00006-08-2020Condo Apt3 4SeOpen12156
32 Davenport Rd$723,00006-05-2020Condo Apt111EOpen0659
980 Yonge St$1,075,00006-03-2020Condo Apt2 2SeOpen11135
155 Yorkville Ave$580,00006-03-2020Condo Apt1 1NNone0405
4 Lowther Ave$2,620,00006-02-2020Condo Apt213WTerr12065
155 Yorkville Ave$1,200,00005-31-2020Condo Apt2 2SwNone11015
170 Avenue Rd$956,00005-30-2020Condo Apt2 2NOpen1789
65 St Mary St$699,00005-24-2020Condo Apt1 1NeOpen0512
1 Bloor St East$920,00005-23-2020Condo Apt112NOpen0744
155 Yorkville Ave$575,00005-21-2020Condo Apt1 1ENone0405
170 Avenue Rd$2,450,00005-19-2020Condo Apt213SeOpen21974
65 St Mary St$1,000,00005-19-2020Condo Apt2 1WOpen1736
188 Cumberland St$538,00005-13-2020Condo Apt1 1SNone0400
1 Bloor St East$1,540,00005-06-2020Condo Apt2 2SeOpen11033
170 Avenue Rd$651,50005-03-2020Condo Apt1 1WNone0486
50 Yorkville Ave$3,900,00005-02-2020Condo Apt2 3NwOpen21956
1 Bloor St East$985,80005-01-2020Condo Apt112NOpen0744
1080 Bay St$520,00005-01-2020Condo Apt0 1WOpen0325
1080 Bay St$530,00004-22-2020Condo Apt0 1WOpen0325
1 Bloor St East$770,00004-17-2020Condo Apt1 1EOpen0535
1 Bloor St East$1,090,00004-13-2020Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1817
32 Davenport Rd$865,00004-09-2020Condo Apt2 2EOpen1780
65 St Mary St$926,00004-03-2020Condo Apt111SOpen1611
77 Avenue Rd$950,00004-01-2020Condo Apt112WNone11065
1 St Thomas St$1,999,99903-28-2020Condo Apt1 2NeTerr21246
825 Church St$775,00003-26-2020Condo Apt1 1NOpen0682
65 St Mary St$550,00003-26-2020Condo Apt0 1EOpen0325
825 Church St$870,00003-23-2020Condo Apt2 2NOpen0843
77 Mcmurrich St$720,0002020-03-23Condo Apt1 1SOpen1691
32 Davenport Rd$765,00003-20-2020Condo Apt111EOpen1634
825 Church St$927,00003-20-2020Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1910
77 Charles St West$9,000,00003-19-2020Condo Apt2 4SwOpen43821
825 Church St$890,00003-18-2020Condo Apt212NwOpen1802
1080 Bay St$1,125,00003-17-2020Condo Apt2 2SeOpen1896
155 Yorkville Ave$719,90003-17-2020Condo Apt111SeNone0580
825 Church St$717,50003-16-2020Condo Apt111NeOpen1682
155 Yorkville Ave$540,00003-16-2020Condo Apt0 1SNone0370
200 Bloor St West$1,810,00003-15-2020Condo Apt2 2SOpen11068
65 St Mary St$963,00003-14-2020Condo Apt111SOpen1611
155 Yorkville Ave$615,00003-14-2020Condo Apt1 1SNone0440
980 Yonge St$660,00003-12-2020Condo Apt1 1SOpen1715
1 Bloor St East$1,088,90003-12-2020Condo Apt112SOpen1744
155 Yorkville Ave$595,00003-12-2020Condo Apt1 1SNone0440
200 Bloor St West$888,88803-09-2020Condo Apt112NwOpen1756
155 Yorkville Ave$615,00003-09-2020Condo Apt1 1ENone0405
825 Church St$920,00003-08-2020Condo Apt212NwOpen1802
825 Church St$835,00003-06-2020Condo Apt2 2SOpen1797
1 Bloor St East$1,490,00003-05-2020Condo Apt2 2SeOpen11033
1080 Bay St$760,00003-04-2020Condo Apt1 1EOpen0542
1 Bedford Rd$2,775,00003-03-2020Condo Apt2 3SwOpen11521
1331 Bay St$1,100,00002-28-2020Condo Apt2 2NwOpen11235
18 Yorkville Ave$690,00002-28-2020Condo Apt1 1NOpen0496
1166 Bay St$3,200,00002-28-2020Condo Apt3 2ENone22210
1 Bloor St East$1,458,80002-28-2020Condo Apt2 2NwOpen11038
1121 Bay St$1,028,00002-26-2020Condo Apt2 2NwOpen1935
825 Church St$925,00002-25-2020Condo Apt111NeOpen1682
102 Bloor St West$828,00002-25-2020Condo Apt1 1NNone0864
1080 Bay St$926,00002-25-2020Condo Apt111WOpen1648
200 Bloor St West$1,268,00002-25-2020Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1912
65 St Mary St$1,118,00002-23-2020Condo Apt2 2EOpen1820
8 Sultan St$1,598,00002-22-2020Condo Apt2 2SeOpen11436
1 Bloor St East$1,680,00002-21-2020Condo Apt212SeOpen11033
55 Scollard St$1,585,00002-20-2020Condo Apt1 2NwOpen11157
1 Bedford Rd$3,001,00002-20-2020Condo Apt213NeOpen21664
8 Scollard St$485,00002-20-2020Condo Apt0 1SOpen0457
1166 Bay St$2,275,00002-20-2020Condo Apt2 2EwNone12005
1 Bloor St East$1,080,00002-19-2020Condo Apt2 2NwOpen1798
1 Bloor St East$1,170,00002-19-2020Condo Apt2 2SwOpen1817
155 Yorkville Ave$654,00002-19-2020Condo Apt1 1NNone0500
155 Yorkville Ave$628,00002-18-2020Condo Apt111NNone0500
32 Davenport Rd$790,00002-16-2020Condo Apt111EOpen1782
18 Yorkville Ave$665,80002-15-2020Condo Apt101SOpen0471
980 Yonge St$1,100,00002-15-2020Condo Apt2 2SwOpen11134
206 Bloor St West$3,600,00002-15-2020Condo Apt2 3STerr22206
36 Hazelton Ave$4,100,00002-13-2020Condo Apt213ETerr22186
1166 Bay St$2,075,00002-13-2020Condo Apt2 2EwNone22005
55 Scollard St$1,325,00002-12-2020Condo Apt1 2NeOpen11100
32 Davenport Rd$950,00002-12-2020Condo Apt212NeOpen1905
825 Church St$715,00002-12-2020Condo Apt111EOpen1707
15 Mcmurrich St$1,076,50002-12-2020Condo Apt2 3STerr11329
1 Bloor St East$815,00002-12-2020Condo Apt111NOpen0612
65 St Mary St$839,50002-12-2020Condo Apt111NOpen1592
155 Yorkville Ave$528,00002-12-2020Condo Apt0 1NNone0370
50 Yorkville Ave$6,200,00002-10-2020Condo Apt213NeOpen22570
18 Yorkville Ave$1,090,00002-09-2020Condo Apt2 2NeOpen1805
1 Bloor St East$950,00002-07-2020Condo Apt112NeOpen0744
65 St Mary St$1,058,00002-07-2020Condo Apt2 2EOpen1820
80 Yorkville Ave$6,800,00002-07-2020Condo Apt213SwOpen33765
1 Bloor St East$1,680,00002-05-2020Condo Apt212EOpen11065
155 Yorkville Ave$560,88802-03-2020Condo Apt1 1SwNone0405
155 Yorkville Ave$555,00002-02-2020Condo Apt1 1ENone0405
55 Scollard St$1,175,00002-01-2020Condo Apt1 1NNone1680
825 Church St$1,200,00002-01-2020Condo Apt3 2SeOpen1998
1080 Bay St$1,180,00002-01-2020Condo Apt2 2NeOpen1820
155 Yorkville Ave$560,00001-30-2020Condo Apt1 1ENone0405
128 Pears Ave$1,445,00001-29-2020Condo Apt1 2SOpen1995
1 Bloor St East$1,068,00001-28-2020Condo Apt112SOpen1744
1080 Bay St$690,00001-28-2020Condo Apt1 1NwOpen0512
10 Bellair St$3,408,00001-28-2020Condo Apt3 3SeOpen22849
155 Yorkville Ave$590,00001-28-2020Condo Apt1 1ENone0405
32 Davenport Rd$888,88801-27-2020Condo Apt2 2EOpen1780
155 Yorkville Ave$685,00001-26-2020Condo Apt111NNone0550
1166 Bay St$1,875,00001-23-2020Condo Apt2 2ENone12210
15 Mcmurrich St$1,281,00001-23-2020Condo Apt2 3WOpen11330
1 Bloor St East$1,050,88801-23-2020Condo Apt2 2NwOpen1798
15 Mcmurrich St$672,00001-20-2020Condo Apt2 1SNone11308
1080 Bay St$745,00001-20-2020Condo Apt1 1EOpen1542
200 Bloor St West$1,755,00001-20-2020Condo Apt212SOpen11068
50 Yorkville Ave$3,850,00001-19-2020Condo Apt2 3NeOpen21956
1 Bloor St East$2,260,00001-18-2020Condo Apt213SeOpen21405
181 Davenport Rd$880,00001-18-2020Condo Apt111NOpen1630
825 Church St$865,00001-16-2020Condo Apt212NeOpen1862
38 Avenue Rd$3,188,00001-15-2020Condo Apt314EwOpen12310
188 Cumberland St$560,00001-15-2020Condo Apt1 1SNone0400
200 Bloor St West$820,00001-15-2020Condo Apt112NwOpen1744
1121 Bay St$729,00001-13-2020Condo Apt2 1SwOpen1765
1121 Bay St$550,00001-12-2020Condo Apt1 1ENone0475
1 Bloor St East$886,00001-10-2020Condo Apt112WOpen1719
65 St Mary St$748,00001-10-2020Condo Apt111NOpen0592
1 Bloor St East$1,928,00001-09-2020Condo Apt213WTerr21656
155 Yorkville Ave$550,00001-08-2020Condo Apt0 1SNone0370
133 Hazelton Ave$929,00001-05-2020Condo Apt1 1NNone1732
38 Avenue Rd$1,098,00001-02-2020Condo Apt1 2ENone1960
155 Yorkville Ave$885,00001-01-2020Condo Apt2 2NNone1750

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