Divorce & Buying Or Selling Your Yorkville Condo
Details About Toronto Real Estate To Consider When Splitting


Divorce & Buying A Yorkville Condo
If you are looking to buy a Yorkville condo as a result of splitting with your spouse it is best to wait until the matrimonial home is sold and your separation agreement is completed before buying. That way you will have an accurate picture of your finances and you won’t purchase a condo that is beyond your financial means.

Renting a Yorkville condo in the interim can be a good option as it gives you the opportunity to test out the condo building to see if you like it before buying.

Keep in mind that buying means you will have some up-front and closing costs that you may want to plan for. If you make an offer to purchase a condo and it is accepted, you will need to provide a cash deposit in the amount of 5% of the purchase price.

On closing, you will have to pay both the provincial land transfer tax as well as a second land transfer tax to the City of Toronto. For example, on the purchase of an $800K Yorkville condo this double land transfer tax amounts to just over $24K.

Divorce & Selling Your Yorkville Condo
If you are thinking about selling your Yorkville condo due to divorce consider retaining a single real estate brokerage to represent both you and your spouse in the sale.

In terms of external appearances, you want to put the condo in the best light possible and not give any clues to potential buyers that could result in them taking advantage of the situation. If it is too problematic to work this closely with your spouse, consider having two real estate agents from the same real estate firm with one representing each of you.

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