The Yorkville Toronto condo market saw the average sold price per square foot rise slightly in the second quarter of 2014 with more units solds and less days on the market as compared to the first quarter of 2014.

Average sold price per square foot for the second quarter was $799, an increase from the first quarter of 2014 which was $794.  Sales volume was also up 83% in comparison to the previous quarter of 2014.

Year over year comparison of quarters reveals that sold prices and sales volume for Yorkville resale condos continue to rise steadily.  The average sold price for a Yorkville condo in the second quarter of 2014 was $1,116,620 up 9% from this time last year when the average sold price was $1,023,771.  The average sold price per square foot also increased 11% from the second quarter of 2013 when it was $718 per square foot.  Likewise the number of Yorkville condos sold in the second quarter of 2014 was up 44% in comparison to the second quarter of 2013.

Yorkville Luxury Condo Sales
11 luxury condo suites sold above $2.0M to $4.1M in the 2nd quarter of 2014 as compared to the previous quarter where only 5 units sold.

The 11 sales of luxury condos in the 2nd quarter of 2014 took place in eight Yorkville luxury condo buildings:

Yorkville Luxury Condo Building
Name & Address
# of Luxury Units Sold
Over $2.0M 2nd Quarter 2014
Four Seasons Private Residences 50 Yorkville Ave 3
77 Charles West 2
1 St. Thomas Street 1
10 Bellair Street 1
The Florian 88 Davenport Rd 1
181 Davenport Rd 1
36 Hazelton Ave 1
277 Davenport Rd 1


2013 By Quarter # of Yorkville Luxury Units
Sold Over $2.0M
4th Quarter 12
3rd Quarter 5
2nd Quarter 8
1st Quarter 3


Yorkville Condos Average Price Per Square Foot
The second quarter of 2014 resale stats for Yorkville Toronto condos reveals that the average sold price per square foot for a Yorkville condo was $799, up from $794 in the 1st quarter of 2014.

Type Of Condo Unit Average Sold Price
Per Square Foot
1 Bedroom Condo $726
1 Bedroom Plus Den Condo $723
2 Bedroom Condo $833
2 Bedroom Plus Den Condo $955
3 Bedroom Or Larger $756


Yorkville Condo Sales Volume
75 condo units sold in the second quarter of 2014. Sales volume increased 83% from the previous quarter when only 41 Yorkville condo apartments sold.

Yorkville Resale Condos Days On Market Comparison
It took an average of 39 days for a Yorkville condo to sell in the second quarter of 2014 which was 11 days faster than the first quarter of 2014 when it took an average of 50 days.

Yorkville Condo Resale Values 2014 Second Quarter
The average sold price for a condo in Yorkville is $1,116,620 slightly down from the previous quarter’s $1,145,501.

Type Of Condo Unit # Sold Average
Sold Price
% of List Average
Of Days
On Market
1 Bedroom Condo 9 $411,211 98 26
1 Bedroom Plus Den Condo 15 $507,247 99 36
2 Bedroom Condo 34 $1,078,058 96 45
2 Bedroom Plus Den Condo 12 $2,062,583 98 47
3 Bedroom Or Larger 5 $1,524,000 97 39


Yorkville Toronto Condo Units MLS Listings Sold By Building Name & Address
For 2014 2nd Quarter

I’ve complied all the information on sales of Yorkville Toronto Condos. If you are looking for the final sold prices for any of these units please

Condo Building NameBuilding AddressMunicipalityCommunityList PriceTypeStyleBedroomsDenExposureBalconyParkingApprox Square Feet
No. 10 Bellair10 Bellair StTorontoAnnex709900CondoApartment11EastNone1800-899
The Lotus8 Scollard StTorontoAnnex721900CondoApartment2 NorthOpen21000-1199
18 Yorkville18 Yorkville AveTorontoAnnex724900CondoApartment2 North westOpen1800-899
99 Avenue Rd
99 Avenue Rd
TorontoAnnex725000CondoApartment2 WestTerrace11000-1199
18 Yorkville18 Yorkville AveTorontoAnnex748800CondoApartment2 North westOpen2800-899
1 Bedford At Bloor1 Bedford RdTorontoAnnex769000CondoApartment2 South westOpen1900-999
102 Bloor St West
102 Bloor St W
TorontoBay St Corridor789000CondoApartment2 NorthNone01000-1199
The Crystal Blu21 Balmuto StTorontoBay St Corridor789000CondoApartment2 South eastOpen1800-899
The Maxus80 Cumberland StTorontoAnnex789900Condo2-Storey2 SouthOpen11000-1199
102 Bloor St West102 Bloor St WTorontoAnnex795000CondoApartment2 SouthNone11000-1199
The Lotus8 Scollard StTorontoAnnex879000CondoApartment21SouthOpen11000-1199
55 Prince Arthur55 Prince Arthur AveTorontoAnnex989900CondoApartment21NorthNone11800-1999
The Maxus80 Cumberland StTorontoAnnex999000Condo2-Storey3 South eastTerrace11400-1599
99 Avenue Rd99 Avenue RdTorontoAnnex999900CondoApartment21South westOpen11400-1599
1 Bedford At Bloor1 Bedford RdTorontoAnnex999900CondoApartment2 WestOpen11000-1199
55 Prince Arthur55 Prince Arthur AveTorontoAnnex1079000CondoApartment21North southOpen12250-2499
The Domus3 McAlpine StTorontoAnnex1079000Condo Townhouse3-Storey31WestNone12250-2499
New Hazelton Lanes77 Avenue RdTorontoAnnex1089000CondoApartment2 EastTerrace21400-1599
Renaissance Plaza175 Cumberland StTorontoAnnex1098000CondoApartment2 North westNone11600-1799
The Florian88 Davenport RdTorontoAnnex1099900CondoApartment2 WestOpen11600-1799
The Maxus80 Cumberland StTorontoAnnex1149000Condo2-Storey3 South westOpen11600-1799
1 Bedford At Bloor1 Bedford RdTorontoAnnex1175000CondoApartment2 North westOpen11200-1399
110 Bloor St West110 Bloor St WTorontoAnnex1239000CondoApartment2 SouthNone11600-1799
New Hazelton Lanes77 Avenue RdTorontoAnnex1375000CondoApartment21WestNone22250-2499
1132 Bay Street1132 Bay StTorontoBay St Corridor1398000CondoApartment2 South eastNone12500-2749
The Uptown35 Balmuto StTorontoBay St Corridor1399000CondoApartment21North westOpen21400-1599
The Crystal Blu21 Balmuto StTorontoBay St Corridor1424900CondoApartment21South westOpen21800-1999
Four Seasons Private Residences55 Scollard StTorontoAnnex1485000CondoApartment2 North eastOpen11400-1599
99 Avenue Rd99 Avenue RdTorontoAnnex1550000CondoApartment21South eastOpen22000-2249
1 Bedford At Bloor Bedford RdTorontoAnnex1589000CondoApartment2 South westOpen11400-1599
Four Seasons Private Residences55 Scollard StTorontoAnnex1599000CondoApartment2 North eastOpen21400-1599
The Florian88 Davenport RdTorontoAnnex2100000CondoApartment3 North westOpen22000-2249
Seventy Seven Charles West77 Charles St WTorontoBay St Corridor2343990CondoApartment2 South eastOpen11800-1999
One St Thomas Residences1 St Thomas StTorontoBay St Corridor2495000CondoApartment21South westTerr22500-2749
181 Davenport181 Davenport RdTorontoAnnex2500000CondoApartment3 WestOpen22000-2249
277 Davenport 277 Davenport RdTorontoAnnex2572000CondoApartment21SouthTerrace12500-2749
Four Seasons Private Residences50 Yorkville AveTorontoAnnex2775000CondoApartment2 North eastOpen21800-1999
36Hazelton36 Hazelton AveTorontoAnnex2795000CondoApartment2 North westOpen22000-2249
Four Seasons Private Residences50 Yorkville AveTorontoAnnex3850000CondoApartment21South eastTerr22250-2499
Four Seasons Private Residences50 Yorkville AveTorontoAnnex3900000CondoApartment21South westOpen22250-2499
No. 10 Bellair10 Bellair StTorontoAnnex3950000CondoApartment21SouthOpen23750-3999
Seventy Seven Charles West77 Charles St WTorontoBay St Corridor3999990CondoApartment2 SouthOpen22500-2749

Victoria Boscariol is a real estate agent in Toronto Canada with Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited Brokerage. With over 20 years experience, Victoria has been helping people successfully buy and sell condos and houses in Yorkville and downtown Toronto. As a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) she has worked with Buyers from around the world moving to Toronto from China, Russia, Brazil, India, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Cyprus, Italy, Germany, The United Kingdom, Australia and the United States. 

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